Where it all began


Here it is. A snapshot in time of my very first backpacking trip — the trip that started it all.

Okay, I know this is about as exciting to you as watching the proverbial paint dry, but I certainly didn’t know that 36 years later I’d be hunched over a computer in the winter evenings living vicariously through Google Earth, or creating a totally, totally, totally geeky Filemaker database for my trip equipment selections, or designing the ultimate backpacking pillow, or my latest endeavor, creating a program to take high school kids into the wilderness so they can learn to treat it properly.

Nope, not at all exciting, just an amazing find amongst my old photos. A crappy Polaroid that barely made it out of the camera. Thank you Dr. Polaroid.

Some noteable figures in this photo: The adorable one on the left in the white long sleeve shirt is Kathleen, Dr. Mike’s adorable sister. Did I mention she’s adorable? Next to her is Mitch, a repeat character in our future adventures as we learned how to backpack, climb and ski. Dr. Mike himself, in the watch cap, is just in front of Mitch. I seem to remember this was somewhere up near Lake Piru.

(Little did I know that Dr. Mike and I would be backpacking again in late May of 2021 while we circumnavigated the Tahoe Rim Trail together. You just never know…)