iGlide BacPacIt Kite from Whatever Kite Factory USA

iGlide BacPacIt Kite from Whatever Kite Factory USA

Pete Adams is lead designer (and manufacturer, and chief bottle washer) of Whatever Kite Factory USA. Last Summer I commissioned him to design me the world’s lightest backpacking kite — a real one with a frame and not a mere paraglider.

He designed a couple of prototypes and I selected the “heavier” of the two at 26 grams for kite, tail and a couple of hundred feet of Spectra kite line. The lighter version was 24 grams but made of a material that wouldn’t stand a chance against Sierra Nevada granite.

The first day of my trip was breezy, but unfortunately I was in the trees all day. The morning of Day Three found me in a wide open area of granite slabs and a light breeze. It flew with a plucky attitude, given the altitude was only a few feet under 11,000′. I liked it.

I still need to experiment with angle of attack line settings and the proper amount of tail, since I’m an amateur at this, but I’ve always wanted to fly a kite from a peak and now I have the kite to do it.

Whatever Kite Factory makes some pretty interesting kites, so if you’re interested in a quality kite for your next backpacking or peak bagging trip, you can contact Pete at whateverkite.factoryusa@yahoo.com.