Eric Leslie, Landscape Photographer

Eric Leslie, Landscape Photographer

This guy irritates me. I haven’t even met him yet and he irritates me. He irritates me because he takes better photos of Lassen than I do. I particularly hate this one:

Painted Splendor

Have you ever seen anything so ugly in your life? No, I’m not jealous. Not in the least. Stop saying that. Seriously, I’m not jealous. STOP SAYING THAT.

Don’t forget to click on the photo so you can see the ugliness of the image in full size. I mean, really, the sky’s all blue and there’s boring looking clouds and the way the sun plays across the landscape is simply hideous. Damn, I wish I’d gotten that shot.

Check out his other hideous photos at Hideous I tell you.


[NEARLY A YEAR LATER] I’ve met Eric and he’s a nice guy. I’ve even hired him to do some commercial photography for the company I work for and he’s delivered some nice stuff. You can see my favorite — Party in the RV Park — here.